Rescue Poor Puppy Lost Lower Jaw, Two Nose Made Him Unable To Breathe

Rescue Poor Puppy Lost Lower Jaw, Two Nose Made Him Unable To Breathe
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Rescue Poor Dog Suffered serious accident lying on the streets for 10 days without help – Miracle Story

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This is Pyatnyshko!
The boy lost his lower jaw, lost two nose.
The facial bone was broken and 1.5cm deep inside.
The baby was shocked, he did not even cry.
An unhappy baby!

Pyatnyshko was taken to a large clinic.
He needs a good doctor for surgery.
And then, the surgery was conducted …
They cleaned, removed the maggots on the nose …
Doctors have created a nose for the baby to breathe …
We fed him with a pipe …
It’s been 2 weeks, we haven’t heard him talk, never once see him cry.
Doctors say: “This is the bravest baby they have ever seen.”

4 weeks later
Airway has formed.
For the first time, he ate himself and he didn’t need a pipe.
Everything is stabilizing …
God bless this angel!

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  1. Боже это кто так сним бедный щеночек разве так можно Боже помоги нашим маленьким друзьям очень больно и плохо,мне на это смотреть. ????????

  2. Aww poor little thing ? an he’s so sweet an brave. I think he’s adorable just the way he is. An very good job vets an surgeon u did a very fantastic job of a not only workable/breathable as well as cosmetically looking repair on his face it looks so good. I hope he finds gets better an find a loveing happy accepting forever family soon, an bless everyone for helping him. ????

  3. Stray Paws
    Wut a "ruff" start in life 4 this beautiful puppy.
    May tha Angels b with him that he finds THE BEST life he deserves
    Please update so we kno if he gets adopted
    Thank u and Bless u 4 helping this little beauty

  4. I’m so glad you found this little one and gave them the chance of a better start in life. I just want to tell the person that did this to enjoy what’s left of their lives now. When their time comes, a sledgehammer to the testicles will fell like a gentle kiss compared to the other devices Hell has in store for your pathetic ass. I’ve been there, I know what awaits you. ?

  5. what in the world has this little tiny boy/girl done? Someone has hurt him or? I know that puppies often have better healing flesh then grown dogs, but still, it must hurt like nothing else. I do believe that the vet does the best he can to help this tiny one. Thanks for your help.

  6. How could someone hurt a sweet, defenseless puppy? An evil, cowardly psychopath. Thank goodness for the people who saved this adorable pup.

  7. Бедный малыш, как жалко, ребятёнок совсем ещё. Такие добрые руки его гладят, как хорошо, что такие ручки нашлись и не оставили малыша!

  8. Плачу , ну кактак можно сделать с маленькой крошечкой . Он же ведь видать бежал , вилял хвостиком , а ему петарду в зубки . Скоты , твари .

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