5 Massive Avalanches CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

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Here are 5 massive avalanches that were caught on camera!


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  1. I once saw an intentional avalanche in the French alps from a couple meters away, real scary shit to imagine you could get trapped in there

  2. Was about to write that neither of these are massive avalanches, just normal sized. The last one is massive, though.
    They are (I'm assuming) "holding their ground" because they know of the 60/20-rule and how avalanches work, and travelled accordingly before they stopped.
    They're just being hit by the cloud… it's harmless (assuming you're dressed for winter).

    The runout zone will vary on mass and texture of the avalanche and angles of terrain, but, to put it simply, if you are 100m upwards opposite, and/or there's further slope away from you, you're safe.

    To put it simply.

    If you're going to ski outback, "simply" is not good enough. Take an avalanche course.

    Greetings from Norway (where you in some places can see and hear – wet versions of – these go off every 10-15 min some places during spring)

  3. Could this narration and clip setup be anymore anti-climactic?? A little tip, JUST LET THE VIDEOS PLAY!!!!! Don’t play a little bit of a clip, cut to a different scene, then take 45 seconds to explain more, then get back to the clip over and over!!

  4. Just remember if caught and swept away. When u come to a stop and need to find the way out, spit. Then dig opposite of the direction your spit falls. Easy to get turned upside down.

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