Rescue Poor Puppy was Abandoned on Street Alone, Sad

Rescue Poor Puppy was Abandoned on Street Alone, Sad
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Rescue Poor Puppy was Abandoned on Street Alone, Sad

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I stopped by and yes, that was a little dude! ? Sam, there were no other ladies. Just like he’s alone in the world!
… can anyone help with her costs to get her out of the road, I can’t leave her…

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  1. Ladies, you all with your looked after feet deserve many dedicated clips showing you all with your families & conversations, doing your thing. Though under a different heading!

    Under this heading, lets just see the animals in need and how they're being helped plz. Thank you

    Regards & flowers

  2. What the hell kind of rescue was this? Weirdest rescue video I've ever seen, hard to believe that 10 thousand people thought this was ok. Not my idea of a rescue at all, where was it's bed, where was the affection and why the hell were they putting that thing round it's neck? WEIRD!!!

  3. You feed a human for 5 years he can to forget you in 5 days….feed adog for 5 days he will remember you for ever…this is the diferent between dogs and humans…

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