Successfully Rescued Puppy with Broken Jaws, Partial Necrosis, Victims of Wicked People.

Successfully Rescued Puppy with Broken Jaws, Partial Necrosis, Victims of Wicked People.
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Successfully rescued puppy with broken jaws, partial necrosis, victims of wicked people.- ?? Subscribe Here:

This is a heartbreaking story about Maria, a girl found at the train station. When I took Maria from the station, I immediately went to the nearest upgraded hospital in the center of Beslan. There was a big loss of blood. Maria was transfused, were examined, and did an X-ray. The baby does not have a part of the upper jaw, the tissues are torn off, the lower jaw is almost intact but split, the tongue is intact. Breathing with difficulty and mainly with the mouth.

When they called us to help her, they said the cause of the accident was because of the train. But I have a different assumption.

When treating and cleaning wounds, there was dirt and grass between the tissue and bone of the lower jaw. I really do not want to believe that such a thing was done by a person .. I can’t convey all the horror, I’m dizzy all day from what I saw .. The baby is very fighting for life!

This is such a fighter, just a child, but endures everything so steadily, holds on and wants to live like that.

After 6 days of treatment, the first good news is that Maria ate ..? She ate paste, drinks water.

An operation has been done on the jaw and on tissue preservation, removal of necrosis. Installed fixing devices intact. She need maximum care, this is the most important moment of recovery now!
The doctor called, they said that our girl is feeling great! Very active, all her indicators are good. Mary can be taken home.

This is a wonderful child, a real child who really wants warmth, love and care! She feels all this, she knows how all our hearts and all our forces we fought for her, all together Friends! This is our victory for you for the life of this little and unhappy girl who suffered hell .. May God grant every health and happiness!
See Marie today after surgery.

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  1. Quem fez essa crueldade cm o animal indefeso pode ter certeza vai colher na vida oque fez de ruim tem a lei do retorno obrigada por vcs ter ajudado esse animal indefeso que jesus Cristo abençoa a vida de vcs em todas as areas e do animal tmb amém

  2. Какая славная малышка, вы согрели её своим телом и слава богу, что она уже не помнит ту боль, которую ей причинили нелюди. Спасибо Вам огромное!!!

  3. sin palabras…….les felicito por el gran trabajo que realizan…y lo sorprendente en el trabajo realizado esta pobre criatura……sigan adelante

  4. These kind of people do this crimes in.sure they kill people too they not normal people they're killer monsters rapist they kill children's too ??
    Why people let go free ? I don't understand ??
    People should do the same thing for them of law not care for

  5. Some people get upset when I say I love animals more than some people. And I confirm that because the human being are the only being alive who hurt the others with no reason..Thanks God exist people like this rescuers who really love ours innocent animals..GBU..

  6. Horrible, a quienes hicieron esto, espero que todo les vuelva. Gracias a quienes lo ayudaron, es un pobre bebé indefenso. Duele ver lo asquerosa que puede llegar a ser la humanidad.

  7. Oh god thank you so much to all of you, thank you very much for saving at her . May the lord our god bless you always ?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Pobresita criatura cuanto sufrimiento! Gracias por ayudarla muchas bendiciones ángeles sin alas!..malditos descerebrados que dañan animalitos no deberían de existir.

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