Pity poor baby Janna was scare all monkey a round her, Since she get hurt never happy playing

Pity poor baby Janna was scare all monkey a round her, Since she get hurt never happy playing
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Pity poor baby Janna was scare all monkey a round her, Since she get hurt never happy playing .

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  1. I’m sure she feels so happy this happened to her ??‍♀️ Has anyone noticed how Janna’s injuries look almost identical to Amy’s? ? I think the same person might have done this to her!

    When we watch, like and share these videos these people filming increase the amount of ad money they make to thousands of dollars a week hurting these monkeys…Below is a partial statement from the Wildlife Alliance website that shows what we can do to help stop them from hurting the monkeys…..

    By taking the three steps outlined below, you can work to stop the abuse of these animals:
    1) Most importantly, STOP WATCHING the YouTube channels. There is evidence that these filmmakers are abusing and otherwise interfering with these wild animals, including possibly killing individuals. By continuing to watch these videos you are directly and financially supporting these individuals and condoning and encouraging their behavior by doing so. They will not stop abusing the animals whilst they are receiving views and followers and therefore generating money from their videos.
    2) Complain to the relevant authorities. By notifying the local authorities directly, they are able to take steps to protect the macaques and other wildlife in the Angkor complex.
    Their details are as follows:
    * The Apsara Authority – info@apsaraauthority.gov.kh
    * The Cambodian Government Forestry Administration – info@maff.gov.kh or https://www.facebook.com/fa.maff.gov.kh/
    * The Cambodian Ministry of Environment – info@moe.gov.kh or https://www.facebook.com/Ministry-of-Environment-314699302002531
    3) Report any videos and channels such as these that exploit and abuse wildlife to YouTube. By reporting and flagging the videos, and encouraging others to do so, you can remove the financial incentive to continue abusing the macaques. Animal abuse is against YouTube’s terms of service, and they have recommended reporting the channels as ‘violent threats’ with a brief explanation.
    As an animal lover, you can stop the abuse of these wonderful creatures.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. To bad there's no video of the attack. I'm curious what set it off. Looks like it was a vicious attack not meant for correcting but to get rid of. Might of been more than one monkey biting and ripping. There's still a chance janna will heal up. Watched couple babies who had their skulls cracked open then had puss oozing out of wounds and still lived. At least janna has a good mother and no other monkeys are messing with them.

  3. Are you the right person to contact regarding Janna the baby monkey that is bitten by a large monkey? It appears that one of her kegs is broken and needs medical treatment as well as there are bites that need attended to as well. If you are not the right person and know who I should contact I would appreciate it if you would let me know who to contact. Thank you

  4. Yep and there’s Janet silently stalking waiting for her chance. She’s always there always stalking. Janet is a nasty little creep that’s for sure.

  5. I don't understand why the cameraman doesn't get her help. Clearly she won't survive with Janet being her sister and Jane her mother. That baby needs help ???

  6. iShe is traumatized and in pain she will be herself in time but first she needs to be able to heal and not hav e monkeys jumping on her and pushing and pulling in her if she is able to heal with her mom it will be much better for her to trust again but with Janet pushing her constantly it will be much harder and longer if at all …so again keep Janet away from her please this is a hurt baby monkey and if she doesn't make it due to Janet whom got very good care when she was hurt and sent rite back yo her mom after she healed if Janna dies due to Janet or something that could be stopped o will never watch monkey channels again and I will spread the word …her hurting is not your profit care for your wild life and animals please

  7. The easiest way to get rid of that rat was someone give it a nice peace of fruit and lace it with some think and give it to the rat then walk away and know one will know the difference until the rat is rolling around the floor oh and plz video it because if I was there the rat would of been dead days ago I would of had know problem doing it

  8. Janna looks as if she is in so much pain these people that are standing round the make me fucken sick it is clear that not one of the have got a heart because they would not be standing around just filming the little guy

  9. I thought Jane would step up now Janna’s injured but no…. same old and VO’s don’t help by shooing Janet away. Janna is terrified every time Janet comes near

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