Bible Prophecy Update – March 8th, 2020

Bible Prophecy Update – March 8th, 2020
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Pastor J.D. talks about how our lives in this world may be on the cusp of a change the likes of which we’ve never seen before. – Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit
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  1. To live is Christ and to die is gain, absent from the body is present with the Lord. Fear is not even in the equation for someone like me who is nearly 70 years old. What is there to fear anyway? The Lord knows the number of our days down to the last heartbeat. So far as the "pause" button being pressed, the Lord can do anything. History is certainly accelerating as though birth pangs in this time as though heading into a storm on the sea.

  2. Pastor JD, I was looking at some of your past prophecy updates….WOW, how far things have progressed. Yes, I do believe that our lives are about to change like never before. I think this will cause the CASHLESS/CARD less system. I knew 2020 would be a most interesting ride and we are in the 3rd month of the year and already THINGS ARE SPEEDING UP…..”rollercoaster ride” like crazy.

  3. Just know this pastor that you are appreciated for the great expounding of the Word and bible prophecy…words are inanimate, they themselves have no power in our lives unless we give it to those who will speak negatively about you as a Christian and to all of our brothers and sisters who are down graded because we wait anxiously for the the snatching away!!! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. May the blessing of our Lord Jesus be showered on you.

  4. Great Sermon! One thing came to mind watching. In order for people to accept the mark… there will need to be a catalyst. I imagine if the mark was something that indicated that person was inoculated and 'safe' to trade with – people would accept it on the premises of 'safety'. It would also discourage others from trading with those without the mark – as it would have to be something with extreme fear to cause neighbours and communities to reject those in their communities.
    Not saying this virus is it. But if it is a litmus test to prepare the world for a 'global viral solution' – look at how fast people gave up privacy in exchange for cool features on their phones.

  5. And has anyone noticed in your phones even years old phones type in Corona and coronavirus comes up in your words suggestions, how can that be in phones that were made years before the coronavirus came out?

  6. Now now Christians have we forgotten about polio and all the other diseases and viruses (bubonic plague) etc, have we forgotten about all of that?! Let's not be saying this is the end time killer plague the bible talks about, theres been many worse thats killed more people than this ever will all over the world. We need to quit trying to promote this is this.

  7. TIMELINE: 9:30 you said :"he, speaking of the antichrist……."
    As I have read this for several yrs, it appears the phrasing is attributing the 2nd beast (false prophet) as the one to cause all to rcv the 'mark' on behalf of the a.c, the 1st beast.

    Love you and your congregation Pastor JD! Thank you for all you do ~ cj

  8. God said the end would come at the appointed time. The globalists were on their own tack to take control and lo and behold President Trump stopped their timetable. God is in control. God will not be mocked. What the Bible predicts … will come about perfectly.
    So we trust his word, we wait and watch and trust in His perfect peace.
    We pray God enables us to be in His will in faith, love and grace.
    May it be His will on earth as it is in heaven.
    In Jesus name we pray, amen.

  9. i owe my love of prophecy to Tim Lahaye…my copy of are we living in the end times is dog eared, full of highlighted lines, its a hot mess, but i cherish it

  10. Vaccines were derived from aborted fetal tissue, and they continue to use aborted babies to this day, to further progress with vaccines. Do not take them! They also don’t do anything but harm. Corona virus is also being massively exaggerated to induce fear and take the revolutionists off the streets of China.

  11. There is a church here in Los Angeles that says because of the Virus they will not be holding.hands and will not be sitting close together..lwhat?

  12. The snatching away will happen suddenly right after the , falling away and , the revealling of the lawless one who is the antichrist , The earth will be under intense deception and many will follow the Beast and the beast system [UN] . People won't have food so they will take the mark to get food , and then the fly away takes place !

  13. Thank you so much for this very profound biblical prophecy update. Thank you always for the great analogies and eloquence. Thank you for helping the church body to connect the dots. Thank you for sounding the alarm. Thank you Jesus for dying in our stead. Thank you Jesus for our pastor Farag. Thank you father God in Jesus mighty name, amen.

  14. No one is reporting on the southern border without the wall. We should ban now all immigration on a temp basis until virus settles and we have facts. California has open border which must be closed now. Where are the cameras even for fox news about those still trying to get in thru Mexico.

  15. Our church did cancel services. We live in the area where 20 people have died of the coronavirus. We prayed for wisdom so we have to believe God has given it to us. Acts 8:4 says, "Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word." Proverbs says, "The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it." So as we are scattered we will spread the Word.

  16. Convergence is happening NOW! …. so much happening in this world, earthquakes, finance, disease, famines, wars etc so do not be blind, time is running our for our unsaved loved ones, friends and neighbours indeed the whole world is racing towards judgement with God ….. our redemption draws nigh!, reach out to all you can when you can, as the spirit directs you!

  17. Not the church I attend now. No mention of the Rapture, endtime events or prophecies being fulfilled. I believe we would see more people come forward to commit to Jesus if people knew the lateness of the hour. It's like there is no urgency. I know God put an urgency on my heart about 4 years ago on the nearness of His return. I went out and spoke to family members, friends and complete strangers. Gave out tracts and left tracts in public places. I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops.

  18. I look forward to your message every Sunday. Amen and thank you for standing true! Keeping you in prayer.

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  20. Even non-believers are marveling about how time seems to be speeding up!!! Great chance to witness, but I’m being met with Indifference or, yeah, I know what the Bible says. Still I am going to keep posting my faith on Facebook. Maranatha, Lord ?✝️?✝️?

  21. My Hindu friend has skewed my telling her of Christ. She says our Christian God is the same as her Hindu God….even though she's seen The Passion and I've read the Roman Road to her mother and given her the Youtube Good o Meter, she doesn't believe in Jesus as Lord. Should I give up? How long do you whip a dead horse? Btw….never beat a horse in my life!

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