Tennessee tornadoes: At least 19 dead after devastating storms

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Severe storms and tornadoes have ripped across the US state of Tennessee, shredding at least 40 buildings, causing severe damage in the state capital and killing at least 19 people, officials said on Tuesday.
The storms hit in the early hours of Tuesday morning, blowing down walls and roofs, snapping power lines and bring down trees.
The death toll jumped to 19 on Tuesday, Tennessee Emergency Management Spokeswoman Maggie Hannan said, after police and fire crews spent hours pulling survivors and bodies from wrecked buildings.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has more.

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  1. If you dont act up what's coming is even bigger… I'm sorry to see people going ordinary life runing for mortgage know nothing of what's going on where they heading what's their fate and have nothing to chase other than money.

    Corporations that see what's on their way and yet all they see and think as bigger picture is money let's see if that money goes in the grave with you and then make excuse to your lord that you was busy making money

  2. Their country look like a bomb hit it. So who are the Americans going to go and fight a war with for the disaster. God?? Fools

  3. World is having hard time…my deep condolences for those who died…rest in peace… may God…give them best place in heaven…scary tornado… ??

  4. I live a couple hours away in East Tn, have family and friends there??? it's really bad, Cell towers are down, and a lot of people are still missing, and search & recovery continues ????????????22 dead so far???

  5. God can use disasters as a way to test His servants. Why do so many intolerant religious fanatics instead claim that these poor people deserve it as a punishment from God? They really have no sympathy at all.

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