Man Gets Knocked Out And Literally Starts Snoring After Threatening A Man With A Baseball Bat.

Man Gets Knocked Out And Literally Starts Snoring After Threatening A Man With A Baseball Bat.
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Man gets knocked out and literally starts snoring after threatening man with baseball bat. #knockout #fight #cut2thechasetv


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  1. A fight is not over when someone hits the ground. Someone confronts you with a bat and then tries to kick you. You beat them until the threat is neutralized. Commit. No court in America will condemn this man…

  2. Y'all are ridiculous the man showed up with a baseball bat looking for trouble (a bat is a deadly weapon so I'd take that as a threat on his life) he got what he deserved in my opinion. Play stupid games win stupid prizes??‍♂️

  3. Everybody is worried about the rules that he shouldn’t be getting hit after he hit the ground. I agree with that I would’ve never fought the guy anyway. However, 1. it is a great example as to why you gotta watch what you say to people, you never know why someone may be going through and they just beat your ass to death right there in front of your son. 2. Swing the fucking bat if you guna bring one.

  4. First of all a good ole fashioned ass whooping anit never killed nobody honestly it gives you a good nights rest . period. Hay bring back the passion of two hands handling a dispute. History has taught us folks that hay gotta defend your self especially in front of your woman. Lol im done i enjoyed watching.

  5. Hopefully it is just snoring and not agonal breathing. Either way, this cat is in bad shape. They should have rolled him over onto his side.

  6. Holy shit he wasn't going to stop thankfully someone was there to stop him and this is sad hate is so powerful and this guy let the hate get to him terrible

  7. Dude if he want to do that stuff he should sign up for UFC nobody stopping you that wasn't even right he seemed to have the intention of murder

  8. This was on twitter earlier today, guy with the bat didn’t want to fight, and the guy that knocked him out apparently had a gun in his waistband. From what I saw the guy who got knocked out survived and is now charging the fuck out of the other guy

  9. Good job bro if a man comes to your house with a bat after fucking with your kids beat his ass then beat his ass again don't fuck with people kids nor do you disrespect a mans space simple good ass whooping lesson taught just like the old days With Hands

  10. Nah you try attacking a man with a fucking bat then you deserve to be pounded out. If he had hit the other guy with the bat would we all feel sorry for him? That's what would've happened. You escalate with a weapon all bets are off. No sympathy.

  11. Dinner nigga please sometimes knuckle up is necessary. Live to fight another day there’s always gonna be violence if you don’t agree you might wanna think ? deep about that. And he hit him till he couldn’t fight back to do harm. Problem solved to me. Revenge he ain’t Rambo nigga he a fuck boy . He ain’t dead done seen worse than this. This like PG where I’m from shit talkers need some act right all that talking is wha gives these cowards that verbal strength. Scared of the streets stay in doors make your mom dinner and go to sleep .

  12. Hes not snoring, his fucking naval cavity is clearly broken. The animal that kept punching even after his friends told him to stop is fucked if this guy dies.

  13. It sucks things have to resolve in violence. I would first try to be civil about it but if the other guy swings first then id have to give it to him. Not severely, but just enough for them to have a reality check. Most likely I'd just walk away though.

  14. See people always talk about “being raised with single ghetto mom and no dad in the house” Look at these “dads” just some old ass children.

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