Eating Road Trip to Adams Organic Farm in Thailand

Eating Road Trip to Adams Organic Farm in Thailand
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I have a very good friend, Tim, who I’ve known for many years in Bangkok. He invited a group of us from Newsong in Bangkok to take a day trip of eating and visiting Adams Organic Farm (, located in Pak Chong, about 3 – 4 hours from Bangkok.

Ying and I met up with Anthony and Dwight, and we got in the truck and started driving. We stopped off a few times, and once we arrived to Pad Chong we stopped to have lunch at a restaurant called Ko Koon (โคขุน). One of the best dishes for lunch was their sai krok Isaan (ไส้กรอกอีสาน), northeastern style Thai sausage served with lots of different toppings to complement the.

We arrived to the farm, and first started by visiting the distribution packing center where they package all the fresh organic vegetables, and get them ready to transport to Bangkok where they are sold at supermarkets and distributed to restaurants. Within the packing facility we had some tastes of some wonderful vegetables. Somewhere along the way, someone figured out Dwight and I loved chilies, and all of a sudden we were faced with a plate of fresh chilies to eat… Dwight and I started eating chilies, and they weren’t spicy hot at first, but the heat definitely caught up with us. It was painful and wonderful at the same time.

Once the sun died down a little bit, we continued walking around Adams Organic Farm, and saw lots of the fresh vegetables and also learned about the process of the organic farming in Thailand, and the natural methods of fertilization they used at their farm. I’ve been eating Adams Organic for many years in Bangkok, so it was great to be able to see where the vegetables I often eat come from.

After a wonderful day trip to the farm, we started heading back to Bangkok, but when we reached Saraburi, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called Siri Otana (ร้านศิริโอทนา), a local khao tom restaurant, specializing in rice porridge and any kind of stir fried dishes. The meal was incredibly good, salty and oily, and very tasty.

It was an excellent day trip Adams Organic farm, and we ate a lot of good Thai food along the way!


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  1. Sawasdee krub Mark and Ying.
    Khun Sabaidee Mai?
    Pak Chong in Isaan is where Bruce Lee's first movie Big Boss was shot way back in 1971.
    I am visiting this place soon to check out the movie location.

  2. depressed watching mark weins, the food is also so amazing. then back to reality living here in the Philippines, the worst excuse for food in Asia, and likely the world.

  3. I notice a lot of Tia/Chinese foods are salty or too sweet. I only like very few of their dishes. Definitely can’t take the salt. I can’t take the salt in soy sauce the reduced salt one. It’s like salt and sugars take away from the real flavor of the food.

  4. From your description down below " when we reached Saraburi, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called Siri Otana " I thought it was dinner there.

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