Iran quake kills at least nine people in Turkey and injures dozens

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At least nine people including three children have been killed in an earthquake in Turkey.
The shallow tremor hit the province of Van, injuring at least 37 people and causing more than a thousand buildings to collapse.
The magnitude 5.7 quake’s epicentre was just across the border in Iran where dozens more people were reportedly injured.
Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Hatay, Turkey.

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  1. Innalillahi wainnailaihi rajiun. This is an ordeal for the people of Iran. At the same time you get cv outbreaks, floods and earthquakes. May Allah strengthen the faith and lavish the people of Iran with mercy and grace. Al Fatihah.

  2. Well if you understand English well, the heading is not blaming anyone, it's a freaking natural disasters for god's sake. The title means the epicenter of the quake was on the Iranian side of the border. No one is stupid to allot blame esp a natural disaster.

  3. Turkey should hire Japan to make their buildings. Japanese buildings are best, can withstand even a 9.1 earthquake. Japan has the world’s #1 earthquake proof buildings.

  4. "Iran Quake".. it was more in Turkish side .. do you want to blame Iran even for Earthquakes you fools? typical anti Iran propaganda from Al-jazeera ?

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