The MOST EXTREME Storm Footage : 4 Scariest Videos Caught On Camera

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From footage filmed inside a tornado, to the horrific aftermath of the Californian wildfires, join us…

The MOST EXTREME Storm Footage : 4 Scariest Videos Caught On Camera

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  1. That is so sad, all of the segments, the last on about the fire it just shocked me when the fella said the lady died because she had to put her makeup on?!,,, that just proves how much our society and the commercialism brain washes you and in slaves you that you think i cannot leave until i get my make up on, because i don't want to be judged on my looks by my peers. very sad the loss of life so needlessly.

  2. That last clip was hard to watch, for me.  I was involved with a aircraft crash in Germany, when I was a young medic.  I and a small team spend several days removing the burnt remains, and putting them into body bags.  Those 3-4 days affected us all for years to come.  Having been to war, the sight of burned bodies effects me in a profound and intense way.  A picture or a clip is one thing to see, but when I see these things, it is a 5 senses reminder of that horrible few days.  Not to mention the many people who watched the crash from the grounds.  Awful

  3. Tsunami is the scariest to me, I wouldn't like that way of dieing at all. Even though they all are very scary. I believe that a lot of it is our, humans fault. Because just even a broken glass in dry grass can cause a fire and even worse .. wildfires.

  4. "She had to put make up on … " I mean really?
    Any way, beside the part I mentioned earlier, this is by far the most disturbing video you've ever put out there #darkmatter. Good job, mate. Feels odd to compliment someone for showing reality in such a blunt matter, but I think people need to see this, if nothing else but to learn from where others failed. Nature can be cruel. Stay safe everyone.

  5. Tornadoes are probably the least destructive and your least likely to actually get hit by one. That’s why people die in them. People get comfortable and don’t take shelter.

  6. All of them were scary and sad, especially number one..
    Rest in peace all those victims that lost their lives in catastrophes like this..??
    Thanks for the chilling content..???

  7. I mean to be honest, the Californian fires were nothing compared to Australias, its just one scary clip in a small aftermath, ive seen scarier on facebook from australia and in person in australia, but regardless, why somebody would film those people remains… who knows, i think its honestly fake (the remains part not the fires(, the guy is too calm to be filming bodies, its entirely disrespectful and police are nowhere to be found taping the area off.

  8. I love this channel. I myself lived thru a cat. 5 tornado, scariest experience mother nature can throw at you, I'm so sorry for the last clip, that was man-made evil

  9. I recently experienced an ef-1 here in South Carolina couple of weeks ago I could not imagine the people in that first clip. I remember how scared I was oh, I couldn't imagine experiencing anything more than that

  10. She had to put her makeup on? Did she think she was going to a bonfire? WTH lady? You see, this is why people can't take Californians seriously

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