Rescue Story Paralyzed Dog Is Screaming In The Snow Mountain Make Broken Your Heart

Rescue Story Paralyzed Dog Is Screaming In The Snow Mountain Make Broken Your Heart
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Rescue Story Paralyzed Dog Is Screaming In The Snow Mountain Make Broken Your Heart

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At 4 am, I received an urgent call to rescue a paralyzed dog lying in the snow.
When we arrived, we could not find him because of the snow.
We still heard moans in pain, panic … He couldn’t get up to go.

We could not carry him (two girls) because he was very heavy (about 50kg). We have asked people around to help.

We named him Baghdad.

Baghdad was taken to the Clinic, the doctors rushed to get treatment.
Everything is extremely urgent.

He had Mri and X-rays taken and tests were done continuously. He received a lot of blood transfusions due to anemia.

The bone arrangement surgery was successful.

3 days later…

He could drink water and eat by himself …
Today he eats a lot and eats a lot of different foods.

We are practicing Baghdad walking. He is slowly recovering.
He was soaked in warm water many times a day. This will help him recover faster.

4 weeks later …

Baghdad has recovered completely. Now he is like a real prince.

He was lovingly cared for once more.

Credit & please donate: багдад_бродяги_калуга

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  1. Para aquellos personas que lo abandonaron ojalá algún día tomen conciencia de lo que hicieron
    Nadie se merece esto..!!
    Gracias a las personas que lo ayudaron Dios los bendiga por ese gran corazón

  2. Che bel cagnolone…tanto grosso è tanto dolce dev'essere!!! Grazie per tutte le vostre amorevoli cure e passo, passo ha raggiunto un bel traguardo.A volte nella vita, quando tutto sembra essere perso, con la tenacia e con la volontà di Dio…tutto si può raggiungere!!!??❤?????

  3. Thank you soo much for all the help to this beautiful dog once again doing the right thing and not ignoring the situation of whats happening and making the difference to save beautiful creatures of God.He will reward all the efforts!!???

  4. Огромное спасибо всем, кто спас собачку. Врачи замечательные. Сердце у всех золотое. Всего вам лучшего в этом мире.

  5. so sad,so heartbreaking?…..what kind of monster are doing this to such an innocent poor soul??
    Thank you for the rescue,you are good people,God bless you????❤

  6. Wow! You did an amazing job with this little guy. The care you gave was quite complicated. Not only did you help him learn to walk again, you helped retrain his bowel and bladder functions. That alone deserves praise! Thank you for applying your extensive skills, and for the love and care you provided.

  7. Povero tesorone! Ma è stata trovato in mezzo alla neve paralizzato? Povero caro! Ragazzi, siete formidabili! Avete una capacità straordinaria! Grazie x quello che fate! Siete impagabili!!!??

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