Rescue Poor Dog Was Tied Up In a Bag and Left On The Road like Garbage

Rescue Poor Dog Was Tied Up In a Bag and Left On The Road like Garbage
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Rescue Poor Dog Was Tied up in a bag and left on the road like garbage
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This is the scene we encountered on the road this morning. This poor dog is tied up in a bag and left on the road like garbage. He is not human. In my anger, my heart seemed to fly out of my chest. I was trying to tear the sack so he could breathe. I am sorry for my voice. His hind legs seemed to be very painful, it seems he was hit hard. Thank God I helped me see him in time. He is okay up to now. We will help him heal his back leg injury and be healthy again.

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  1. Don't be sorry for your voice! I would have sounded the same had I come across this happening. You are doing an amazing job. Thank you for being these animals voices.

  2. Şerefsiz daha uzağa götürememiş sanırım.İyi ki gördünüz yapabilse çöplüğe götürüp atardı vicdansız ????Keşke onu tutp polis çağıırsaydınız hiç birşey olmasa bile hakkında tutanak tutulurdu.Şikayetçi pşup hakim karşısına da çıkarsaydınız bi de cebinden para ödeseydi şerefsiz????Allahtan size rastladı???Kıyamam su için süründü yerde ki bir damla suyu yalamaya çalıştı..içim yandı???

  3. この女は犬の腰を、おる、 歩けなくした

  4. Bless you for saving this poor dog, please do an update on this dogs care, and when he is adopted, not if, please let us know how he is doing in the home and anyone who gets to adopt this wonderful dog will have the love of a furry family member.

  5. O my goodness ??how dare that evil man abandon that dog like that ,there’s no forgiveness of what he did , ,,,thanks for saving that Dog please apdate God bless you always

  6. I would gladly murder the person who did this. What sort of monster could commit such a cruel act. God bless the rescuers. Your reward will be in heaven.

  7. İnsanlar okadar zalim ki Allah bela ustune bela veriyor kotulerin olmadigi dunya nasip et mazlumlara ya Rab Aminnnnnn kotuler icin Yaşasin Cehennem

  8. Pity that motorbike didn't have number plates on. the police could have charged the piece of work. He would have had to pay any vet bills too. Poor darling. God made sure this kind woman was on hand straight away to release him and take him away. He will be fine, in time, but his memories of how he was treated may never heal. He may always be uncertain of males. Sickening bastard that he was. Thankyou kind woman for taking him in and giving him some love.

  9. My mind finds it hard to process the level of evil that would have to exist inside the so-called human that could do this. Thank whatever god their may be that you guys managed to get there.

  10. GOD ALMIGHTY ???
    May the hands of whoever tied the poor dog break into several pieces ?? Amen and Ameen. Why, such cruelty ? Cruelty beyond limit! Why not hand over the poor dog to “Dog Shelter” if not wanted any longer OR maybe found astray ? No one has the right to torture any Animal. May every Animal hater/s or abuser/s suffer for the crime done to innocent speechless and defenceless Animals ?? i’m sure no matter how long it may take that God will punish every/all those who have snd are abusing his creatures they belong to God, just as we Humans

  11. What a monster who done that hope that man get a cancer and die in pain ,thank you to wonderful woman, I do understand when you so upset and angry x but I’m so relief you save him x he needs you please look after him as he is innocent soul x thank you ? x hugs from England

  12. Im so happy you seen him in time,,, thank you and all so God for being there.the thing that did this is not a person nor a human I pray that God takes care of him . But God is good even to things like this . But he or she will get what they deserve in the long run.

  13. may God allow the animal abusers to realize their wickedness before being punished appropriately. And may God cherish and bless those who have compassion
    and help the animals.

  14. You are very good kind lady for helping the dog,i shared your anger to the bad man who put dog in bag,but karma and god will see him and destroy his life,cruel evil monster.

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