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About the Author: kyeluh


  1. I'm sorry as much as I love scary going on and on before get to the content is so exhausting..and your tone is never different.its almost like wineing ..I finally after much trying and determination to listen and watch your videos..praying u get to the point of the story I can't..I'm glad u have other people that enjoy circle talking..I can't..good luck..and be grateful that people r interested..because I start interested..and quickly become uninterested because by the time u get to the story..I'm tired of your winy.. long..he said she said shit..omg..Help!!!

  2. I’ve been to the Massachusetts Market Basket, I use to live in Wilmington Massachusetts. I’ve never heard anything about that store being haunted and never experienced anything myself. I have gotten eerie feelings in the town at night. It is a very small town with a lot of history.

  3. Kyeluh! My queen is back with another vid. ♥️
    You're not alone is saying shit looks haunted.
    When I moved to the Midwest from Florida, I legit said aloud "omg look at that house, it looks so haunted" to like every house that had that "I've seen you in a Netflix haunted series/horror film" look. ? They all look haunted here that are in THAT specific style, and im very nosey & want to be a fly on their walls to see if they actually are, low-key.

  4. I used to work at a common dollar store in the states and usually it was just the cashier and a manager closing. We had these lights that were motion censored light in the back half of the little store that would shut down if no one had walked back there in an hour. So every night they shut down right before we closed. Well my manager told me the place was hunted and I was like whattt oh noooo like I was being verbally dramatic. We close the store and I hear one of our freezer doors close on the back wall and I think it’s a customer still in there so I go look and no ones there. It was a clear store freezer door being closed. Enough to make me look. Well I leave and go to Walmart before I go home. I have to pass my job to get to my house and on the way back I saw the motion censor lights were back onnnnn. They’ve never came back on before or after that time while I worked there.

  5. On your next paranormal journey, you should come down to Saint Augustine FL! Established in 1565, it is the oldest European city in America. Also one of the most notably haunted city’s in America. I work in the heart of our tourism district downtown, and the building I work in for instance was built I the 1800’s and was at one point a funeral home. We get tons of activity, but unfortunately my manager won’t let me or anyone investigate.
    Just google Saint Augustine, and you’ll see all of the old buildings. We even have a Spanish fort!

  6. ?This makes me think of the grocery store with a walk-in freezer that opens my itself every night at the same time. Not sure what I think about the authenticity but they sever videos of this happening.

  7. ??Love these kinds of stories! I also like to see security cam footage with ghosts in schools! I work in a school and a lot of people have had ghostly experiences as well as me… I walked into the girls bathroom and I saw a woman dressed in early 1900 clothes, hair up in a bun, long dress. I just froze looking at her and then she was gone! ❤️ …and yes, me too, I can pass by a house and know it's haunted! ?

  8. Imma be on the look out now every time I go shopping lol, ? jk those experiences are definitely crazy imagine going grocery shopping and you go to grab an apple or something and boom victorian lady, I’d be hightailing it’s out of there so fast lol. ? ?

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