Game Fails – Fails of the Year 2011 | Rooster Teeth

Game Fails - Fails of the Year 2011 | Rooster Teeth
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Jack and Geoff look over the most liked videos on our GameFails channel ( ) and grab the 10 most YouTube liked. Enjoy! Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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Game Fails – Fails of the Year 2011 | Rooster Teeth


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  1. thats me in the purple and red #9 "Busted" 0:44 infection.. i like how people lie and try to say thats there character in purple getting shot at in the head.. nahhh thats me that video i also edited myself wayyyy back

  2. If anyone sees the part 47 seconds in, that was me, Xbl is Warhawk 144 currently. But back in that time it was Rouge Eagle18. Man reach was great!!! Btw I watched this in 2017 feb 25.

  3. Wow this was my first RT video… this introduced me to a new world of YouTube content that has entertained me and kept my childhood fun and exciting for 5 years and so on. Thank you Gamefails … you will be missed 🙂

    I also want to thank RT and AH for the constant laughs and joy you bring to my life.. And for the jokes I stole from you guys thank you so much I became suck a pimp back in elementary school :p

  4. I haven't seen this video since it game out and omg I cannot stop laughing about that Halo Reach infection clip. I am crying rn omfg

  5. Number 9 in this fail video is me and my nephew. We were playing this gamemode for hours and were totally making it funny. It starts from 0:46 
    The guy in Purple is me: Warloony
    The guy in Brown is: ParadoxEffect8

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