Street Food in Iran – BEST Chicken in the WORLD!!! + INSANE BBQ Heart Kababs!!!

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In today’s Iranian street food tour video, Mr. Taster is bringing us for a FULL ON street food tour of Gorgon, Iran!!!

Street Food in Iran is some of the BEST in the world, and today we’re starting out by going to try some INCREDIBLE Iranian street food BREAD made from a local tandoor oven and covered in SAFFRON butter!!!

And then, we’re going for some of the BEST CHICKEN in THE WORLD!! The Akbari chicken covered in Pomegranate SAUCE!!

And to finish up the night, we’re going to try one of the most UNIQUE foods in Iran – BBQ Heart Kababs and liver! AND, we’re having BBQ chicken kababs covered in saffron butter!!

Incredibly delicious!!!

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