Police chase in Tulsa | October 17, 2018

Police chase in Tulsa | October 17, 2018
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Police chase in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US, October 17, 2018 – The Tulsa Police Department released dash cam and body cam video of the police chase and arrest of Robert Sheets.

Sheets was arrested, along with two others, in October for the death of a Turley man, Christopher Lewis.

Lewis was reported missing on Oct. 14.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office found the 35-year-old’s body on Oct. 22 in a heavily wooded area near Apache and Yale. Officers arrested 18-year-old Tommy Jones and 20-year-old Wes Johnston. They are facing murder charges.

Sheets is facing an accessory to murder charge, along with possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding police, possession of drug paraphernalia, larceny from a retailer, and a number of other charges.

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  1. I gotta say after almost a year of absolutely nothing from ya I kinda expected more, I thought surely you had some good stuff saved up and was gonna hit us with stuff nobody else posted yet and or at all. An 8 min, rather boring and uneventful chase seemed kinda pointless Lol Not trying to be a dick but you used to be one of, if not the best!!

  2. That is precious. The judge that decides his ultimate sentence is going to hear him deny throwing out the gun , even after the cop expresses his concerns for the safety of a kid that might find the gun. It's the little things that cops do to add more years. That should be a required conversation for any chase or event involving the discarding of a firearm.

  3. They need to start shooting these scumbags as soon as they get out of the vehicle and save a lot of tax dollars. None of these maggots will ever amount to anything and they put everyone on the road at risk.

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