Abandoned Dog Actually Crying When Someone Takes Away Her Puppy – Now She Has a New Life

Abandoned Dog Actually Crying When Someone Takes Away Her Puppy - Now She Has a New Life
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Heartbreaking: Abandoned Dog Actually Crying When Someone Takes Away Her Puppy – Now She Has a New Life
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This poor mama had just given birth and was abandoned at the shelter without any of her puppies. Someone had done something stupid and her family was separated like that. Looking into her eyes I could feel the desire to be part of a human family. She actually shed tears when the volunteer cared and talked to her. She is so sweet. Looking at her crying, I could not hold back my tears.
She is now adopted and seem happy with her new life…

Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:


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  1. She didnt forget she have a baby to care and need her love as a mother, this is example as a good creator in this planet??. Heartless creator is no longer in this world??

  2. Dog is mans best friend …
    But people never give a damn wht tht tears all about , heartless human beings …who took away her puppies , Im so sad watching this video..

  3. Well I hope they have her fixed so she don't have to feel the pain of her babies going again thank you for giving her a home I hope they take very good care of her

  4. Will did she get a home from these people whether it's a dog or human when it comes to babies there is that mother's instinct for tears that we have for our babies dogs have feelings too they know hate love when somebody hurts him somebody abuses him dogs are very smart and it is a shame have some of these animals get her so abused my heart breaks God bless these precious animals

  5. These are two different dogs! The first is a male blue Pitbull and the second one is a female red Pitbull. Maybe you should research your video a little bit better. Just let viewers know what's really happening.

  6. Who took the puppies? And aren't they too young to be separated from their mom? So I'm assuming they're deceased by now from lack of their momma being able to nurse them. If she was surrendered, don't you know bt whom, and check on the welfare of the puppies?

  7. Que limdo meu deus o ohar tristoho se parece com meu. Cachorro tadiho precisa de muinto cariho sehor estes amjos. Nao deveriao passar por tamtas coisas neste mundo eles sao inocemtes que o sehor abemcoe esta familia que ela teha muimto cariho de todos

  8. Beautiful and emotionel story I hope every abandend animal gets support love and a new family this season and hopefully no unwanted gifts of pets abandoned .If we take them into our homes as part of the family we should all treat them with the same love and respect any human would wish for them selves.To all the shelter workers well done for haveing hearts big enough to give any animal hope. I salute You All

  9. How cruel to take her puppies and leave her in a killer shelter. My God there are some wicked people in this world. I don't expect this attitude in ??. I am glad you gave her a chance and a good home.

  10. I cant help crying too. How horrible that she was seperated from her children, she was heartbroken. What a beautiful girl, id hug her to bits. I hope you get the loving family you deserve ?♥️??

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