Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Fails, Crashes, Fights Caught on Dashcam in North America 2019

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Fails, Crashes, Fights Caught on Dashcam in North America 2019
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2. theVehicleAffect – — Car Crash Compilation – drive home from the airport 11/25/2019
Instagram @thevehicleaffect

3. EliteSantion – — Close Call Nov 30 2019

4. Arizona Dash Cam Adventures – — DashCam: Bad driver who fails to yield is put to the curb!!!

5. Delivery Dashcam – — Who is in the Wrong? Guy Confronts me in Middle of Road!

6. Christopher Greer – — Truck hits car!

7. Robert Miller – — Car Wreck Nov 27 Northside Dr NW @ Howell Mill

8. kc Bad Drivers – — Police in KC don’t understand zipper merge.

9. New-Brunswick Dashcammer – — Road Rage At it’s Best

10. BSmooth40 L – — Winter Car Crash

11. William Davis – — Stupid driver of Tucson AZ

12. Mike Cooper – — Crazy road rage person. Sorry lots of profanity.

13. Blackvue Dashcam – — Type R FK8 close call

14. malbor – — Route 287 Almost hit from behind.

15. Whig Farmer – — Arvada hit and run 11/23/19 pt1

16. Cesar Garcia – — Wreck-less bobcat in Colorado Snow Storm November 2019

17. Idiot Drivers of Central MA – — Another idiot who can’t follow signs and I got rear ended by a dump truck!

18. lrichler1 – — Storrow Drive Car Crash

19. Bitter Gay Man – — Weird Road Rage | Smart Vlogs Special #8

20. Christopher Morgan – — 2019 12 27 Rear Ended

21. Stephanie Sheehan – — Idiot Doesn’t Know How to Pull Over | Dallas, Texas

22. Sam Musselman – Sent by email — Red Light Runner

23. Thomas Gestrich – Sent by email — Idiot Driver (Phoenix, Arizona)

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  1. Can I just say I find it ironic how I'm watching these videos today and I'm outside my friends apartment waiting to pick her up so we can go to work and while sitting in my car watching this video a car back into my driver's side door… now I wish I had a dash cam to show what happened to me

  2. #8: The reason the cop is blocking you is to prevent you and everyone else from speeding down the lane that is closed very soon and creating the traffic mess that will occur when you arrive at the closed lane and must merge. Merge now, behind the police officers.

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  4. they guy at 1:20… was speeding & the speed limits are based on area, twisty roads, schools, etc…. he shouldn't be thinking it was only 5 mph over the limit, it was 20% over the limit, if the speed limit was 60 mph, it would equate to him speeding at 72 mph… he wouldn't had an issue if he wasn't speeding.

  5. All these people with "little" or "minor" damage probably mess their pants once they visit the body shop and reality kicks them in the butt.

  6. that's why 16 is too young to get a licence… America has got that way wrong. They learn bad phone habits easily while driving while still at that age

  7. A few of these I have seen before elsewhere. You say that you've been getting grief over allegations that you are pinching other sites' clips; maybe you should ask those submitting clips to you to affirm that they have not submitted them elsewhere? If they HAVE, then use such very sparingly…

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