Family of stoats playing – BBC wildlife

Family of stoats playing - BBC wildlife
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Johnny spots some crazy stoats as they play when they think nobody’s watching! Funny free nature videos from BBC Worldwide.


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  1. Ferrets are domesticated while stoats are wild therefore it's best you don't keep one as a pet! Haha 😀 ferrets and stoats are both mustelids but its thought ferrets were domesticated from the European polecat or the steppe polecat but no one actually knows for sure. Ferrets are also useful for us humans and help us catch a few rabbits for us supper hahaha

  2. ATTN Management: The only reason people put up with Youtube and it's advertisements nowadays is because it has no serious competitor as of yet. As soon as another site becomes as well stocked with videos as this one, say goodbye to a heavy chunk of users.

  3. @loneHike lol i was thinking the exact same thing! i'm kinda bummed that something this cute could even be considered as evil!

  4. It's mice that are vermin, not stoats, since mice get into human homes and spoil the food there. Stoats stay outdoors. Stoats kill vermin like mice and rats.

    Hurray for stoats! Lovely video, too!

  5. Stoat males will enter nests of newborns whilst the mother is absent and mate with all the females in the litter. Their eggs are fertilised, but do not implant and complete development until the females have grown up and left the nest. This is a way of getting a head start on breeding for a small, vulnerable animal that often does not live very long.

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