Rescue Pup Doesn’t Look Like Any Other Dog – BIGHEAD | The Dodo

Rescue Pup Doesn’t Look Like Any Other Dog - BIGHEAD | The Dodo
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Rescue Pup Doesn’t Look Like Any Other Dog | Can you guess this puppy’s breed?

To help Lauren and Bighead take care of more fosters, you can support the Humane Society of Silicon Valley: And keep up with Bighead’s adventures on Instagram:
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  1. I never noticed, had to look super hard??. All i see is beautiful doggies, 1eye, 3legs, dragging back legs or blind. All beautiful & deserving of a chance. Thank you to the beautiful ppl that make it POSSIBLE!!!??????????????

  2. I don't care about his "mix." He is an absolute DOLL BABY!!! Tho I do have to say, the older he grows, the more his precious face does look very St. Bernard-ish! What a sweetheart!!!?????

  3. That’s how our dog was so he came from an all white family all his siblings were white Maltese’s so he came out brown black grey and a smudge of white they were selling for 800 dollars each but nobody wanted him and the breeder was actually a teacher from my school my mom actually worked with her because she works at our school and she gave him to us for free because nobody wanted him and he is the most spoiled dog ever he is so sweet he really completes our life also he was the runt of the litter. He is the size of a skateboard

  4. Any puppy that has two little human sisters is going to be a very happy, much loved and played with pup!

    That he has canine siblings too is simply perfect.

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