In Theaters Now: The Possession of Hannah Grace | Weekend Ticket

In Theaters Now: The Possession of Hannah Grace | Weekend Ticket
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You know what they say… if an exorcism isn’t completed, evil will find a new vessel. Do you dare to see ‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’ in theaters this weekend?
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  1. This movie is just more of the same sexist shit. Besides being the same old tired plot of most possession movies, the security guards and paramedics are all males as usual. I have seen plenty of female security guards and paramedics in real life. Yet, in movies, they only show them if they are not going to be killed. Much the same with cops, however, in the rare times when female cops are shown they will also be killed about half the time. Same with good Samaritans who stop to help the fleeing victim. They are males 99% of the time. When they are female, it's extremely rare they will be killed. With security guards, they are shown as males 99.9% of the time, as are paramedics. And they are killed 99.9% of the time, As with cops, the rare times when females are shown in either of those roles, nothing happens to them in 99% of the cases. Same old tired sexist casting. It's no wonder there are hardly any female stunt people. I don't think the writers/makers know any other way of doing this crap. So conditioned are they by what has been done in the past, It never occurs to them to do it any other way.

  2. I've got my ticket for this tonight at Odeon Liverpool One 21:40 cant wait it best be scary coz every other horror film I've seen in the past 10 years is crap.

  3. For the 2% of people who randomly see this comment while scrolling…

    I hope all your dreams come true, my simple dream is to get 1000

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