The Haunting Tape 31 (Ghost caught on video)

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I grabbed the camera and thought I would just record some strange sounds but the paranormal event with the ghost girl took on a different occurrence. In the video you will see a paranormal dark figure standing on the steps. Who is the figure and what are the sounds? I have been doing some research and the diary has given me a clue in the right direction. I think I am starting to understand this goes a lot deeper than what I thought and its very scary.


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About the Author: Mark Apsolon


  1. u need ask Jesus in your heart and anoint the house cse there is a hell n satan has dominion over this earth though if u have Jesus in yr heart you have authority over it

  2. Nice big house ..probably plenty of money..? enough money to afford the best cocaine in town.. panicking heavy heart beating clearly this guy is high..

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