Pit Bull Dog Screams Like A Person When He's Happy | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Pit Bull Dog Screams Like A Person When He's Happy | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Pit Bull Screams Like A Person When He’s Happy | When the most affectionate pit bull wandered up to this woman in a park, she quickly realized that she had to have him — and that he’s VERY vocal. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Mo surprised his mom with his signature scream, which makes everyone he meets realize that pitties are such goofballs. For more of Mo the staffy and his adorable “screams,” you can check him out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/moscreams.

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  1. I just don't get where people get this reaction from..like i never thought about pitbulls or steffordshires to be aggressive or bad, could be any other dog breed too if the owners are bad but media..

  2. i would carry my lab/pit mix with me absolutely everywhere that i went if i could. and the puppy to if i could. since i can't share pictures here go to my channel to see them.

  3. That's pretty much how i got my dog, who is a pitbull mix. He was outside and decided to just come in the house and make himself at home. He never left and he is the sweetest boy. (We did try to find his owners but no one claimed him)

  4. I watched this video several times already but each time she said she lost her dad and there must be some reason the pittie chose that time to come into her life, I would cry. (not ashame of it)

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