Reality TV Stars Who Were Involved In Horrific Accidents

Reality TV Stars Who Were Involved In Horrific Accidents
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You could endlessly argue over how real reality TV shows actually are. But no matter what the answer to that conundrum is, it’s true that the stars of these shows can experience traumatic real-life events. From tragic deaths to horrific injuries, here are some reality TV stars who have been involved in horrible accidents.

In August 2019, Shark Tank panelist and entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary was involved in a boating accident that killed two people and injured four others. O’Leary was a passenger on the boat, which was driven by his wife, Linda. They collided with another boat on Lake Joseph in Ontario, Canada. A 64-year-old man died in the crash, while a 48-year-old woman named Susanne Brito passed away a few days later in the hospital while being treated for her injuries.

On September 2, O’Leary hired Defense Attorney Brian Greenspan, as he was seeking counsel after his statements differed from police officers’ accounts. O’Leary alleged that the other boat involved in the accident left the scene after the crash, and also didn’t have its lights on. The West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police stated that after the collision, both boats had left the scene. A source also told TMZ that the navigation lights on the other boat were on at the time of the crash, directly challenging O’Leary’s initial statement that the other boat didn’t have any navigation lights on.

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  1. I can't believe that guy hit and ran and didn't get hardly any punishment no time behind bars and 625 dollar fine
    He killed the guy on the tractor and walked away with a fine?
    Then that midget girl was drunk and killed some fellow she got 16 years

  2. I'm guessing Savannah was texting and driving…funny as I wrote this the video tells about strangers accusing her of the same thing. Her story is just too elaborate to be true.

  3. Too much stupid, irresponsible behavior, blame, dishonor, vanity are the main characteristics of today's celebrities…..if you can call these losers that.

  4. RIP for all of those that lost there lives but I personally feel that Kevin Hart should of been added to this video with the accident he was involved in

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