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  1. I hope the kittens are not afraid of the cute dog. It looks as though the white kitten is older and not scared, but entertained by the dog. The gray kitten is younger and not so sure of how to play with the dog. I am glad the animals are being supervised, and, hopefully, they live inside.

  2. Kitten, I would like to get from a poor family, when I first received the kittens, I could not stand, and was very weak, today the kitten has been able to eat and drink, which is a very happy thing for me.

  3. Puppy?? That cat is going to have a heart attack with an aggressive animal snapping at it. the dog is jealous of the attention you are showing the new baby, a new animal in it's territory. The kitten is not going to socialize properly with the other cats staying away from the hyperactive dog snapping at it. The cat might claw out in self defense and the dog might bite. Even the white cat is afraid It needs a tiny safe space of its own that smells like itself. The odors of the other cats will make it apprehensive. The dog jumping and snapping make sure the other cats aren't going to go near the kitten. To avoid the dog. Take the dog inside and let the cats relax. Then they will show an interest in the orphan. This kitten is moving so slowly, she's terrified or underdeveloped. She needs cuddling or she won't thrive.

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