Rescue Homeless Dog Has Huge TUMOR Under Stomach

Rescue Homeless Dog Has Huge TUMOR Under Stomach
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Rescue Homeless Dog Has Huge TUMOR Under Stomach

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This was a homeless dog named Indiana
She has a huge tumor and has caused her a lot of pain
A local resident said: She has been here for many days
She needs to go to the clinic for chemotherapy
Today the doctor had a first chemotherapy
Tumor’ size has decreased
After 2 months, chemotherapy combined with surgery, the tumor was completely removed
Today, Indiana is very happy and warm
She is very comfortable and happy

Courtesy & Please donate: Refugio Zoobrevivientes

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  1. Indiana,may God continue to heal you and bless you with each passing day..thank you so much for saving her..God bless you and all the animals you've rescued..❤???❤

  2. I can't imagine all the pain and suffering she went through. To all the rescuers and the medical team, you are extraordinary human beings. Thank you for making her happy and for healing her with your kindness and love.

  3. Gracia a Dios hay personas como ustedes que si queen y salvan a estos inocentes animalitos maltratados y abandonados que dicho de paso es por tanta gente malvada sin corazón DTB..

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