Rescuing Poor Skinny Dog Abandoned in the Street |Amazing transformation

Rescuing Poor Skinny Dog Abandoned in the Street |Amazing transformation
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  1. It tugs on my heart to see a poor little dog so starved and in such bad shape. But then to see him trimmed up and wagging his tail so happily puts a smile on my face and thanksgiving in my heart again! That's why dogs are so special. Gob bless Hope and your rescue team. ?????❤?✌???

  2. I love the little curls in his fur, once it started growing in properly. He is Lucky to be found, before it was Too Late!!!!! I am Grateful for the People who Knew he Needed Help….too many ignored him….for too Long. What is Wrong With the Human Race??? Why No Empathy??? So Sad!!! GOD BLESS Those Who Help Save Another's Life!!!!!

  3. It's just outright dam cruel for society in that area to not feed this dog and give him water. Hey people there if you see it help Don't wait for someone else too.

  4. Amazing transformation, obviously over a long period of time. She looked so close to death. I am amazed people would see her on the streets and ignore her in that condition. How horrible and cruel people are. Thankfully it all ended up OK for her with someone coming to her aid and rescuing her. Thankyou to those kind people.

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