Rescue A Dog Was Hit With a Machete and His Face Was Sliced Into Two – Magical Happened

Rescue A Dog Was Hit With a Machete and His Face Was Sliced Into Two - Magical Happened
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-Rescue A Dog Was Hit With a Machete and His Face Was Sliced Into Two – Magical Happened After Surgery.
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– This is a wonderful love between a doctor and the dog that he saved. Last month I had an interesting conversation with this respected doctor and visited his famous dog. Recently, the Dr has made a miracle that has shocked the veterinary surgery worldwide when he saved and successfully recreated the dog’s face after it was cut in two after being slashed. On the head by a man with a machete.

The dog is now healthy and inseparably connected with the doctor who gave the dog a second chance.

Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:


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  1. you know were you found the dog it means who ever did this is from that area find out who did and have that Psychopath put in Prison because that psycho have some Murderer demons and it needs Jesus for deliverance other wise it will do it again.

  2. I have no words! ???? Apart from glad his top jaw got stitched and his no two well as close as they could get.

  3. Que Deus te abençoe. Muito obrigada. Fiquei muito feliz. Maravilha.??????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Au risque de me répéter, je souhaite une mort lente et douloureuse aux pourriture qui font du mal aux animaux pour combler le vide dans leurs pantalon ???
    Je félicite et remercie de tout cœur les vétérinaires qui ont fait des miracles et ont pu sauver ce pauvre petit chien ???

  5. Thank GOD for the man who first rescued this baby and for the Doctor and his team who did surgery on him and for the Doctor himself for adopting this beautiful baby!! Thank you all for not giving up on him!! Thank you, and I pray God blesses each of you involved!!!

  6. This sick sadistic evil criminal coward cruel animal abuser karma is coming and Hell is waiting for you bastard. Thanks for saving this beautiful innocent doggy God bless you

  7. The kindness of one does not change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal. Saving one dog, but for one dog the world will be forever changed. They might only be here for part of our life but for them, we are his whole life. Blessed be he who takes in and loves all animals. For their time with us, it is more important than our time with them. God bless you all Animal Rescue Dogs and for all four legged there.

  8. No hay justicia para los animalitos que pena hojala que le hagan lomismo a ese mounstro el mundo da muchas vueltas y un dia lo vas a pagar justicia divina

  9. Господи Боже! Бедный пёсик! Как же он выжил! Несчастный малыш! Доктор – волшебник! Это – чудо!

  10. Who ever did this crimes I wish him somebody slice his face just like poor dog he did & begge for charity die painfull no mercy to his to their suffering ?????????

  11. What ah wonderful ending to ah very sad story thanks to everyone who helped this poor boy esp the doctor who adopted him hope you both have ah good life you are ah special person ? ❤️ ♥️ ? ? ❤️ ? ? ❤️ ♥️

  12. Thanks ???? for saving him. God bless d couple n rescue team. So heartbreaking to see this video ?. Never seen such a horrible abuse. Karma will have hard consequences on the dog's abuser.

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