God and Football | Hot in Cleveland S03 E08 | Hunnyhaha

God and Football | Hot in Cleveland S03 E08 | Hunnyhaha
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On Elka’s (and Betty White’s) 90th birthday, Melanie takes her to the Browns’ locker room and ends up dating the kicker. Joy and Elka get some surprising medical news. And after a near-death experience Victoria’s convinced that Elka is God.

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  1. Looks fade. Had a tall handsome Eurasian model ex, but god he was so boring, and excruciatingly dumb and ankle-deep shallow, all he could talk about was fashion, modelling and the gym.

  2. 17:00 Even though i only saw this show randomly on TV a couple times, This episode in particular sticks with me because of how much i wanna smack that bitch nurse. If someone said that to me for wanting to break up with someone that most people would consider attractive.

  3. Victoria: "Oh you're a vengeful God"

    Hahaha, I really like Vic's personality.

    Great episode like always!
    Thank you and pls keep uploading more videos. And I'm still waiting for The Exes S2

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