On Camera, Speeding Car Skids Off Hyderabad Flyover, Crashes, Kills 1

On Camera, Speeding Car Skids Off Hyderabad Flyover, Crashes, Kills 1
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A car skids off a flyover and comes crashing down on the road below killing one and injuring six, in dramatic visuals that have emerged from Hyderabad. A woman, who was waiting for an autorickshaw with her daughter on the road, was killed in the accident.

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  1. My favorite part was watching the moving shadow of the airborne car at 0:40 before it hit the ground – and the sign too, which just barely missed the woman pedestrian.

  2. We indians dont deserve anykind of vehicles …..belgadi chalane layak hi hai hum gaand ke niche gadi kya aa jati hai samjhte hai hawai jahaaj kharid lia hai

  3. Panjagutta flyover very very dangerous
    Biodiversity flyover very very very dangerous
    PVNR Express way very very very very dangerous
    Balkampet flyover very very very very very dangerous
    "All people stay at home
    Don't stand on roads"

  4. It's not the mistake of roads.., it is the mistake of rash, careless driving of the car driver… because he even don't know that he is going on the flyover.. that to be to go slowly…

  5. There are no proper signs on roads about speed limits , there should be signs with flashing warnings so people notice and go slow . Learn from western countries

  6. NDTV Mam just find it out that is it Hyderabad news or jalandhar news ?
    For ur kind information it is a jalandhar BMC chownk where this accident happened.

  7. Hyderabad and Pune worst driveing style, high rate of accident and even celebrity get killed in accident, want to become a good driver just drive for one month in Mumbai city, I bet you, you will become a very good driver….

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