Saved from starvation, puppies rescued from well

Saved from starvation, puppies rescued from well
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Two naughty angels must have been so engrossed in playing that they didn’t realize they were heading straight for an open dry well. In they fell, dropping 60 feet, but because their fall was broken by several feet of garbage, they didn’t break even a single bone! Neighbor kids heard them crying and cheered on our rescue team from arrival to the puppies’ dizzying reunion with their Mommy. These darlings would have died of starvation and thirst without rescue. Please donate for little ones in deep trouble.


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. I love Animal Aid I hope they never stop helping and rescuing the cute little creatures.

    Like if you love puppies and Animal Aid ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Muje ek puppy mila hai uski maa nhi mili kahi bhi me usko apne pass nhi rkh skti muje dog S allergi hai or Na bahr chhod pa rhi hu gali k dogi usko preshan krte hair syad 2 month ka gigantic, please help him and adopt him. Delhi m rehti hu koi usko lena chahe to bta de nawada Uttam nagar Metro Station p aa kr me de dungi

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