Rescue Stray Dog Was Broken Leg After A Tragic Accident

Rescue Stray Dog Was Broken Leg After A Tragic Accident
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Rescue Stray Dog Was Broken Leg After A Tragic Accident

This girl was abandoned when she had a tragic accident
The truck broke her leg (I Named Flor)
Flor had suffered this terrible pain 2 days ago
It is painful!
I took her to Vet for treatment
Fortunately, her leg does not have to be amputated, the doctor will bandage her leg for a while
1 month later, she can walk step by step
We are happy for flor

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  1. Son los seres más amorosos y leales con el humano y el humano muchas ocasiones los violenta demostrando insensibilidad falta de respeto
    Gracias por ayudarle

  2. What? The vet didn't amputate her leg or fix the bones with pins? You can not only bandage this terrible broken leg! I will not imagine how painful it is for this poor girl to live day by day with the broken leg! And it's so dangerous to get an infection in the bones! When I look your video I see a poor dog that suffers all the time.

  3. This is not two days ago this is long period of time you can see ? bones God know who did this crimes how they they did is not car accidents shite hole starve people killing animals for pleasure for ? meat ??

  4. This is cruelty of these people if these people take him to the vet fast wouldn't happened like this ??
    Now after long period of time they show on website is too late for these poor ? ??

    The person did to this ? i wish him the most suffering life the most painfull disease & swallow up by disasters No mercy upon him them ?????????????

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