Rescue Poor Dog Beated & Treated cruelty paralyzed Neck to Bottom | Heartbreaking

Rescue Poor Dog Beated & Treated cruelty paralyzed Neck to Bottom | Heartbreaking
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Rescue Poor Dog Beated & Treated cruelty paralyzed Neck to Bottom | Heartbreaking

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Lipici was rescued few yeras ago from gypsy people.
They beated him and treated with cruelty because he didnt respond to the commends
A kind person rescued him.
It became his owner since 3 tears .

Now after 1,5 years , few days ago the owner called my vet rying that he needs o put to sleep Lipici becaus ehe paralyzed from his neck and unfortunately the owner cannot take care of him due to secere ilness problems
He refuses to put to sleep and called me if i can help this dog.
My answer was afirmative .
The poor boy was so confused and sad , was trembling, body temperature very liw was very scared.

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  1. I firmly believe that at least 25% of the world's population needs to be beaten into a coma. Starting with whomever did this to this Sweet Baby.

  2. Omg poor dog!!! I have a frenchie and this breaks my heart!! God bless you people for helping this gorgeous dog!!! These dogs are so amazing and there personality is just amazing!! These dogs are not for everyone so don’t buy a frenchie if you don’t have patience they are very stubborn and will make you angry.

  3. Please give the owner punishment for the poor baby giving a trouble and how carefully she is treated the Lipici the new owner is so much helpful and caring God bless you and your family take care of him and give him lots of love and happiness

  4. What a special little guy ?. After all he went through, to see him walk again is totally amazing ?????. I firmly believe that karma will take care of the person who did this to him. ???

  5. Poor thing they should be sent to one of them army camps who ever did that get drilled Every day and beaten if they don't do Every thing right

  6. He is a brave boy. How could that bastard beat such a beautiful soul? He should be behind bars! Thanks to the vet who did not lose hope and to all those who are taking good care of him. God bless you

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