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Most of us used to seeing the image reflection of ourselves in a spoon while dining.
Unlike the usual plane mirrors, the spherical mirrors do not form images and depicts how light rays travels and reflects. Learn more about mirrors at: https://byjus.com/physics/spherical-convex-mirror-concave/

These mirrors would resemble a shape of piece carved out of a surface (spherical). The curvature of the surface would be either inward or outward. There are two main types of mirrors viz. concave and convex mirrors.

Concave mirror: This spherical mirror has its surface of reflection curved inwards towards the centre

Convex mirror: This mirror has its surface of reflection curved outwards against the centre.

Convex mirrors are used as security mirrors in ATM’s to assist the customer in viewing the persons behind them. Concave mirrors are used in cars in the form of rear view mirrors to help the riders to see things way behind the cars. Satellite dishes are one of the items which uses concave mirrors to gather weaker signals from communication satellites to concentrate them on one single point.

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The video here contains the Reflection of Light, mirror types, standard parts and formation of images on mirrors.

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