Adorable Puppy Has Cutest Little Tail On His Face | The Dodo

Adorable Puppy Has Cutest Little Tail On His Face | The Dodo
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This rescued puppy has the cutest tail on his face.

To help them save more dogs like Narwhal, you can support Mac’s Mission: Keep up with Narwhal’s journey on Instagram:

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  1. This one kinda dumb. Why do we fix children with cleft pallet if it's not hurting them…..

    I understand not taking the tail off but to say that we should not remove it because we should have to hide things like this from society is very nieve.

  2. Wow, he is really the one of unique dog in the world. Very special dog. Thanks God finally He found a good owner and better life. I love happy ending story.

  3. Ahh Narwal I’ve been following you from
    The very beginning before the entire world knew how special you are! I’m so happy that you are getting all the love you deserve from your lovely mama and brothers and sisters

  4. While it’s a very cute puppy it would be better to remove the tail, other dogs are likely to attack it. In the end he could get a serious injury, of course not all dogs would do this but it makes more since to remove it.

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