Bodies Found In Rubble After Albania Earthquake

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Search and rescue continues after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Albania, bringing down buildings and leaving people trapped under rubble.

The earthquake struck the area 34km north-west of the capital, Tirana, in the early hours of Tuesday.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said rescuers would “continue to search patiently and thoroughly to the end”.

“We have victims. We are working to do everything possible in the affected areas,” he wrote on Twitter.

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  1. Some people are saying that Albanians deserves it . Bro stfu No one deserves to die even tho ur enemy ?? Stop talking bullshits. If u can’t help then be quiet and just pray?.

  2. No building in 2019 should colapse from a 6.4 earthquake, blame on the goverment to not make studies about the existing infrastructure

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