Rescue Little Puppy With His Mouth Tied and Was Chained On The Balcony – An Animal Abuse.

Rescue Little Puppy With His Mouth Tied and Was Chained On The Balcony - An Animal Abuse.
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– Rescue the little puppy with his mouth tied and was chained on the balcony to punish him – an animal abuse.
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– This little puppy that was subjected to an animal cruelty. Just look into his eyes and you tell me you can do anything to save him.
We secretly filmed the owner punishing her dog and I couldn’t keep calm.

I rescued this innocent and naughty puppy along with Mr. Hamed and Mr. Majid. We talked with the owner and found that she had been told by a dog trainer to punish this helpless dog because it ate its poop.

We had a discussion with the lady and she gave us the puppy, which is fine now. Special thanks to Ms. Seyedin who was kind enough to sponsor this adorable dog and it is under her guardianship from now on.

Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:


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  1. WHAT a load of rubbish !!! Why did this incredibly stupid woman ever get a dog ??? For the ONE reason of abusing it ?? He´s adorable with his sparkling blue eyes !! Didn´t she even know that dogs tied up on balconys often Hang themselves ?? If they see something intresting on the ground, they jump, therefor hanging themselves….And That´s a tragedy…..I´m SO happy you saved him, getting him a caring, loving forever home……I wish he was mine !!!

  2. Individuen die Tiere aussetzen, misshandeln, quälen oder töten haben es nicht verdient zu existieren ( zu leben ) ! ! ! Ich liebe Tiere über alles und besitze selbst
    eine zuckersüsse Fellnase

  3. Pero como pueden tener un ser indefenso de esA forma ,yo hay veces que no entiendo a la gente ,no sé para qué quieren un perro para luego dejarlo de cualquier manera , debería estar prohibido para ciertas personas tener animales me da vergüenza ajena ver todo lo que hacen con estos pobres animales que lo único que han echo ha sido venir a este mundo solo a sufrir

  4. Everyone should constantly call their city, county, state, and federal politicians, and demand stricter animal cruelty laws.
    People that are cruel to animals need to be locked up for LONGGGGGG periods.

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