Rescue Hurt Dog Skin & Bones, Powerless, Smeel of infection, Many Worms | Happy Ending

Rescue Hurt Dog Skin & Bones, Powerless, Smeel of infection, Many Worms | Happy Ending
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Rescue Hurt Dog Skin & Bones, Powerless, Smeel of infection, Many Worms | Happy Ending

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Most probably he left home as he is not castrated and who knows what happened on the streets :'( : dogs fight for females, hit by cars…
He was in bad conditions and his body fight for the hemoragy he had inside and the worms helped him a lot eating the infection.The vet said that he was lucky to have worms .
– new blood tests showed that unfortunately the infection evoluate 🙁 and would had been different with the right treatment ..:( His body continued to fight but now he will be helped with the right treatment.
He received now antibiotics and floral protectio plus vitamins.
He will be local disinfected twice per day near the base of the tail.
He has otitis also and received treatment.
Spinal x-Rays were performed and unfortunately Elmo has spondylosis ..He has pains poor boy because of the excrescence, beak spine pressing on the sciatic nerve..
I am trying to explain as i can a sis difficult to give explanation in medical terms.
The vet still have to ask opionion of an cardiology specialist regarding his hearth..the lungs look like for an old boy.
He receive pain killers.
Also treatment for Anemia
In 1 week blood tests will be repeated.
4DX tests are NEGATIVE and also Microfilaria Negative.
Many many thanks for everyone who helped Elmo ?and who will continue to help and care for him .

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  1. Oh poor Elmo , his appearance has made me cry ! Long time of being neglected or abused , this dog might have been suffered a lot ! Huge thanks to his rescuers and vets who had saved his life and healed him both physically and emotionally ,for Elmo is now a happy dog again !

  2. What a beautiful dog! Thank you for saving him, This poor guy has endured horrendous pain, I cant believe how bad things get and they still want love and trust from people!

  3. May I know there did you get this video from? It seems that you gather a lot of videos from else where. Your Chanel is not a actual rescuing Chanel but only posting videos?

  4. Thank you for going to get him off that busy road. Thank you for giving him a chance at life. He's a beautiful dog. I believe that acts of kindness for a suffering living creature is returned when our life cycle comes full circle. It shows of the kind of soul you have. Karma some call it. It makes you feel good when you can feel it within that your doing something good. You saved a life that's an incredible thing. May good things come to you in your life for that!????

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