Rescue Abandoned Dog Only Bones & Skins Dying of starvation

Rescue Abandoned Dog Only Bones & Skins Dying of starvation
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Rescue Abandoned Dog Only Bones & Skins Dying of starvation

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We found her at the edge of the road. She wasnt hit by a car but abandoned there. She was in coma dying of starvation. We were on our way to a shelter and passing through a forest. Her skeletal body and was looking very shocking in the sun. We was sure she is dead but suddenly she moved her leg! Yes, shocking she was alive breathing!!! She was unconscious and had spasms. We picked her up off the road and ran to the vet, made tests and analyzes and the result was a life shock she can be still alive. But the doctor tried to give water with the seryinge and even more socking was that she suddenly started to lick!
It followed a blood transfuzion and red beet. She is positive at babesia too ??
She was and is treated incredibly well and am grateful to her doctors who make their best.


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  1. This is so sad.. and it just brakes my heart to see that ppl actually do this to mans best friend. I love my dogs.. I would never do this to my babies. I hope he lives a wonderful life with a loving family!

  2. Many thanks to the team to safe Simi's life. GOD BLESS THIS PEOPLE. People who abandoned animals should be prosecuted. Right now I am helping a poor Miow who was also just throw away. ??????????

  3. Bless you. And thank you for not showing us the ticks and fleas. We know what they look like. But you immediately took care of a dog in desperate need of medical care. I love love you. She's beautiful and I'm sure she appreciated your stopping your vehicle for her.

  4. Eu não sei entender porque os animais estão sofrendo e pagando coisas q eles não fizeram e sim o ser humanos é q são culpados de abandonar os animais se vc não quer ter trabalho com um animal então não pega eles .pra depois abandonar não abandonem os animais

  5. Thank goodness you found her in time. I hope she can forget her suffering. And may she find happiness now. I wish everybody would treat our 4 legged friends with common sense and compassion. There is so much evil in this world its unreal.

  6. Oh sweet girl… dear precious angel… you are safe now. And you are loved. So very loved. And nothing will ever hurt you… not ever again.

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