Zoomer | How to Play with your Zoomer Kitty!

Zoomer | How to Play with your Zoomer Kitty!
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Zoomer Kitty ? is the sweetest interactive Kitty who loves to play, pounce and purr. You can tease her with her interactive Kitty Toy and watch her go cap-nip crazy, following it as you play! She loves when you pet her – nuzzling in, and responding with affectionate purrs that you can actually feel ?. Adopt the kitty that’s full of life with Zoomer Kitty, your PURRfect friend!

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  1. Such an emotional video for me. Every time I watch any videos featuring Zoomer Kitty, they just burst me into tears. It's probably because it's too cute. I want one of these and keep it as a friend and partner forever.

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