The Worst Black Friday Disasters

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It’s the biggest sale of the year. Let the fights, riots and utter chaos begin!
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It’s that time of the year again where people have an excuse to rampage through stores and hunt down marked down TVs, DVD sets and grab that last $2 waffle maker. However, there can be no excuse for the mindless savagery that concludes in critical injuries, fist fights and even deaths. Black Friday has now been seen as a likely target for disaster where year after year, stores fail to provide proper crowd control and organization solutions that can prevent these devastating situations all for the sake of getting microwave at 40% off.
When you think of a disastrous time to do any shopping, most of us automatically think of the Christmas holidays, Boxing Day being the worst of them all. All that said, nothing can ever equate the madness and chaos that occurs once a year, on Black Friday!
The term “Black Friday” started when retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss which was known as “in the red” from January through November, and “Black Friday” indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or score “in the black”. Unfortunately, the only red and black that the consumers experience are the multiple bruises they endure while risking their lives just to get that Xbox One or PS4.
Ever see a woman so bent on getting a game console, she comes prepared with pepper spray? Or how about an all out brawl over a flatscreen television? Seeing two men shoot each other dead in a Wal-Mart parking lot over a shopping feud only convinces me that shopping online is the way to go! Heck…if a marine can get shanked and a pregnant woman trampled, a red flag raises in my head. When it comes to Black Friday, the lengths these crazed and somewhat disturbed consumers go to will blow your mind.
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  1. Honestly Black Friday is a trip to heaven on how many people die just for shopping is terrifying. Next thing you know it might be you so be careful and shop online.

  2. Seen variety videos and saw some just run in and others try help any u try move but get run over by the crowd not caring who is hurt at time cause everyone want stuff cause get so cheap and fear wont get any so run over anyone to get stuff.

  3. 1:05 see woman holding on to tv while getting pounded by cops is like a pass from Aaron Rodgers to davante adams and being caught for the first down with 2 safeties triying to rip it out of # 17 hands and the play is over so its first down and final

  4. Disgusting and brutal behavior. Over stuff, that isnt even worth what it is sold for… these companies don't care either, not about their employees, not about the shoppers.

  5. The internet is not unhealthy since it can save you from discount hungry maniacs who are willing to kill an old woman just for a discount on cereal

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