Thousands of Cats are Rescued from Trees by Climbers | The Dodo

Thousands of Cats are Rescued from Trees by Climbers | The Dodo
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These two certified tree climbers have rescued literally thousands of cats from the tree tops of Washington and Oregon.

For more rescues done by the awesome @canopycatrescue ( squad, you can follow them on Instagram:

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  1. I am not trying to sound like a jerk when I ask this question but do cats really need to be rescued from trees? I'm sitting on my balcony of my apartment and I watched a cat climb up a tree lay around for about 15 minutes or so then got right down all on its own.

  2. Lmao my aunt's huge cat always climbs their front yard tree and just won't come down. She has to get the ladder and carry his very heavy self down haha.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do! More than 30 years ago, I was moving from Grants Pass, OR to Eugene, OR. My cat got up a VERY tall tree at a rest stop and there was no one to help me get him down, so I climbed up the tree even with my fear of heights! Got him down and in our home in Eugene only to discover I was very allergic to poison ivy (which was all around the tree I climbed up)! Take care!

  4. I had to do this once with my tuxedo cat Zuit. The closest branch was about 15ft. Zuit actually spent his whole teenage yrs trying to get up there himself. He would come barreling from in front of the neighbors house & only get about half way & could never make it. One day a POS dog owner (not the dog but the owner who allowed there dog to chase my cat!!) was walking by & let there dog chase Zuit all the way up the tree. I had to go up there & get him because he couldn’t come down on his own. Not fun @ all!!! I really wanted to get my hands on that dog owner, see how they like someone chasing there dog & scaring them @ the same time?!?! I’m guessing they wouldn’t have liked it very much!! Be safe everyone!!

  5. You two are wonderful men! "You can tell the character of a man by the way he treats animals!" You two must be worth your weight in gold! Thank you so much for helping the cats and reuniting them with their families.

  6. My whole body just went to check trying to watch this video oh man my fear of heights is not going away anytime soon this may have just made it worse

  7. These guys are the absolute sweetest ♥️
    We need more people like them showing compassion to cats and doing the right thing for the sake of good. ???

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