5 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera By CCTV REACTION!!!!

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Here’s my reaction to “5 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera By CCTV”

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5oD3xcYzUc&t=67s

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  1. Make a reaction video about "Encounters in the woods" by Unit #522, there are five frightening videos in total with 5 stories each I think. ?

  2. as if my security guard experience in Hawaii doing nightshift I say ghost is real but I don't feel or see it in person I saw it on cameras when my supervisor called me to show it there's two vedeos one white figure and other Black figure so it's real wheather you believe it or not but I don't work there no more cause I was hauling ass that's why

  3. Yo Gattor on Sunday I had the act 2 popcorn with my first time trying the seasonings. I had the garlic Parmesan and that shit was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! times Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! and I got my Addis just in case something pop off. and whoever ain't got their Addis they clucking up just saying.

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