Zipline Adventure Fail. I Could Have Died!

Zipline Adventure Fail. I Could Have Died!
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My first and last time zip lining. The horror that ensues is pure terror for me. I just thought I would share a glimpse into my life. I can laugh about it now but OMG!!! I get stuck @ 2:14.
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  1. I work at a zipline adventure and I really hope this was satire lol. I’m glad at least in the video you were a good sport about it but the only thing that was threatening you was over exhaustion and the guide telling you to get a move on cause you’re making everyone behind you wait and it’s pissing the guide off. I’m trained to send people in 3 seconds and this was painful to watch. I can’t imagine how the guides felt honestly. From what it looks like in the video, you’re using a manual braking system based off friction with a glove. Most likely, the first thing that they told you was along the lines of “yo don’t grab the cable” because that’s what I’m mandated by the adventure industry to explain and just by listening to the sound of the cable you can here that you did. That’s how you serious injure YOURSELF (broken rotator, popped shoulder, etc.) I really really hope you didn’t blame the adventure company

  2. one thing I dont like is when people that have to and can say I cant but I cant, no you can and you have to, stop saying you cant, all your doing is over reacting and instead of going ahead and getting it over with your just messing your self up and taking longer to do what you can and have to. So come on man.

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