Demon House

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In 2014, a demon possession story out of Gary, Indiana caused a worldwide media sensation. It included claims that a boy had walked backwards up a hospital emergency room wall, and that a priest had performed multiple exorcisms. Famous paranormal investigator Zak Bagans was producing an episode of his popular television series when the story broke; he then bought the location of the haunting a day later over the phone, sight unseen. “This was it!” thought Zak, who has investigated over 1,000 hauntings. “The mega-story I’ve always wanted to investigate.’ It was the next Amityville. But Zak and his crew were unprepared for what awaited them at a house that was possessed by “200 demons.” Zak suffered from a debilitating illness, crew members quit and were fired, people nearly died… Zak even started to wonder if just viewing the film could open audiences up to possession themselves – had he made a movie too dangerous to release?


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  1. Let me just say this. Pray before you watch! After watching this, I had severe stomach pains, and had some demonic crap happen at my house, from knocking, to footsteps, to shadows, it's creepy! So make sure you pray before and after you watch this!

  2. I was watching the the previous just the previous and I got so cold and so scared and I was not even scared I was just interested do not watch it I recommend you I did get a bad feeling and something told me not to watch it

  3. Not sure if this film has anything to do with what happened in my life after watching (could be coincidence, but there is a warning that bad things happen to people after watching this movie). That night I had horrible nightmares about some black creature thing watching me through a window. The day after I watched, my husband’s grandpa died unexpectedly due to organ failure. A few weeks later I got a concussion and then into a car accident two days later. My car got totaled and I was forced to use my moms car until I could figure out what to do. I decided to lease a car. On the way to the dealership, her car’s transmission blew and we were stranded on the side of the road for 3 hours before AAA arrived. A week after I got into the accident, my cousin unexpectedly passed away in a bathroom due to unknown causes. Not sure if watching the film gave me bad luck or if it was just coincidence

  4. Don't pay for it don't even watch it for free it sucks. I'd rather watch a Ghost Adventures episode this documentary had such a buildup and it was literally built up to nothing

  5. LMAO! Zac says if ppl are making this up im gonna catch em. Your one to say that zac you gigantic FAKE! Stop lying zac just stop. These places are haunted sometimes but zac makes up soo much. For once just for once can we get something real on tv.

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