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With jaws powerful enough to crush a bowling ball, The Grizzly Bear is definitely a force of nature that commands respect. Luckily human encounters with them in the wild are rare due to their remote wilderness habitat… However make no mistake, they do happen and being prepared on how to react can mean the difference between life and death.

In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote Peterson will show you first hand of what to do and NOT do in the event that you ever stumble upon one of these beautiful animals. He will do this using the aid of a 750lb male Grizzly Bear who is an ambassador for his species; helping people learn more about why these bears need to be respected and admired, not feared.

This is one episode that you have to see to believe – Coyote is going toe to claw with a Grizzly Bear!

*This video has won an Emmy Award in the teen/youth program category. Thanks to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for this honor.

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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  1. Very tame brown bear.. in Alaska these big buggers would fish right across the stream from ppl and the ppl wouldnt budge.. lotta folks in Alaska with stones of steel..and big @ss guns lol!

  2. Bear: roars as loud as can
    Coyote: wow look at those beautiful set of teeth
    Bear:dude am I a joke to u
    Coyote:dude I’m trying to film not make a joke
    Bear:fine let’s talk about this later

  3. Yeah get in fetal position… he might take a couple of bites or swings but that's OK, two fingers won't hurt you. F#$% THAT RUN! CHANCES ARE 100% SURVIVAL.

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