Baby Ducks Rescued from Storm Drain

Baby Ducks Rescued from Storm Drain
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Officer Jason Czebotar uses his creativity to help save a family of baby ducks and return them to their mother.

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  1. Title should be..
    "Ducks put in storm drain on purpose by stupid humans to be "recused" on camera to fool people into watching their TV Program."

  2. 9 litttle ducks went out one day, over the roads and far away. Mother duck said: QUACK QUACK QUACK!
    And they came back in 📦 and a 👨

  3. What a waste of time and effort! Irritating, to watch all those hysterical little turds, idiotically chirp and frantically run around like a bunch of scared, silly, tiny little retards. As for the saving of those dull, primitive, utterly worthless little bits of avian refuse, more likely than not, most, if not all, of those dumb, miserable, useless little creatures, will either die from one cause or another, or be taken by predators.

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