6 Disasters Waiting to Happen

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All people, regardless of their gender, age or place of residence, are in constant danger… of dying. Anything can happen to you: a traffic accident, a roof collapse, a piece of food going the wrong way. In addition, our heart, the most important organ of all, can stop at any time for no reason.
But have you ever thought of the fact that there are dangers of a more global scale that threaten not just one individual, but the entire humanity? It’s time you start thinking about that. Today we are going to talk about disasters that can happen any minute


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  1. one thing not mentioned in this video is the island of la puma a is land off the coat of west Africa that if the volcano there would go off part of the island could brake off and go into the ocean and then create a tsunami and hit the eastern part usa and other countries there is a big crack on the island that is getting bigger and next volcano erupts could trigger the landslide

  2. Human s. Are so stupid we are evil to nature and animals and world Way NOT stop and do something Come on out there. Save the planet 😵😢😢😢

  3. My Little Cat was looking more curiously compare to me because as you said humans are the main cause for such catastrophe. Cat finally learned something that humans are the dumbest animal in the planet 😂😂

  4. Well i do agree that humans has helped with global warming but we aren't 100 percent the cause because the earth has risen and dropped in temperate over and over like the ice age so us as livimg beings will keep going and living but yes we have helped the earth heat up by atleast 10 percent

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