Cute baby tiger cubs and population tracking – Battle to save the tiger – BBC wildlife & animals

Cute baby tiger cubs and population tracking - Battle to save the tiger - BBC wildlife & animals
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A chance to see a host of cute tiger cubs caught in the wild on camera. Scientists and conservationists record the population of tigers in a number of Indian reserves to monitor the growth of the population and, in doing so, receive a fascinating insight into big cat behaviour. Great video narrated by Sir David Attenborough from BBC animal documentary ‘Battle to Save the Tiger’.


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  1. I agree. But you are making it look like all humans are like that. More and more are actually "returning" to nature to help it instead of destroying it (pollution, oil, cars and so on) I am with you. But no life on this earth wether it is an ant or a bluw whale is replaceable. But the earth is overpopulated. And the problem is that most of this population are destroying the beautiful nature for the sake of money and material needs

  2. @cmf4321 Insects are in the Kingdom Animalia. They're animals.
    Do you enjoy living only with nature? I see you're on an internet connection. You're not going to live without your fellow humans, so you can't hate them THAT much.
    But really, what I mean is that the world of animals is no picnic, no better than our own. I still value animal life–just not more than I value human life. You seem to be trying to scare me rather than being reasonable, so I'll leave you to your fear.

  3. @MajikkaniHand Army ants are insects..not animals. Your logic on the value of humans over animals is frightening. Go live in New York. That's what the world will be like with your logic. I hope you enjoy living with people instead of nature. And the only way to see endangered animals will be in zoo cages. Go live in a prison…that's what fate your argument is in favor of for animals. Your defense of human life over others is VERY scary. Your life is replaceable. Species can't be replaced.

  4. @cmf4321 I'm not going to sing the praises of humanity. Nature is evil, and we (as part of her) are evil too. There is no getting around it–to survive, you are either actively destroying things, or preventing them from existing by taking up their spots. We do it, animals do it, and the one who does it the best wins.
    You still won't explain what it is animal are adding in value to the planet. I'm having trouble sympathizing with your view because I can't understand it-try to help me here.

  5. @cmf4321 I hate to tell you, but we are not the only ones that kill for fun–look up the exploits of dolphins and you'll see our sadistic twins. I'm (sort of) comparing tigers to army ants because you said animals, and army ants are animals. Lots of animals are evil–cuckoos kill the young of others to survive. Doesn't that count as twisted?
    What lab tests? That statement is suspicious.

  6. @MajikkaniHand ONLY humans r destroying the planet. We're destroying species as well. Humans keep "breeding" while all of this "climate change" keeps going. ONLY humans r killing 4 the thrill of it or because of other dysfunctional reasons. I have NO sympathy for humans. Animals & children are innocent victims. Last thing, chimpanzees scored higher on every test than humans during lab tests. Unfortunately, humans have weapons. And look what they're doing..& ur comparing tigers to army ants? WOW

  7. @cmf4321 I don't understand what contributions you find so overwhelming. There isn't an objective standard for what we want to add to the world–how could there be, with the variety of thinking that exists!
    The world won't keep these animals alive forever anyway, even if we did protect their habitats. Climate change will eventually hit no matter what we do–it's the nature of planet Earth–and they will die. We can't keep the same array of animals alive forever! Accepting change is a necessity.

  8. @cmf4321 Animals don't destroy their environments? What about army ants, who consume everything in a swath and keep moving? What about deer, who would overbreed and overrun everything without us? How, exactly, do tigers, polar bears, and cheetahs add value to the planet Is it by killing other animals? We can do that fine ourselves. Is it by being pretty? There are lots of pretty things out there.

  9. They should have prison time or the death penalty for anyone who kills a tiger. There are less than 1200 in the wild. One tiger is more valuable than 50 million people. Humans are replaceable. The tiger species is not. Humans are so vain. Most people don't do anything to CONTRIBUTE to the world…but because they're human…their lives have value??? Tigers, cheetahs, polar bears, baby seals, etc. ADD value to the planet. Humans destroy their environment. Animals don't.

  10. if you love this video and love tigers, please keep in mind they're incredibly endangered… only 3,500 left in the wild and more being poached all the time… please PLEASE consider donating to the World Wildlife Fund's effort to save tigers, they're wonderful at what they do!! /

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